B. Simhananda is an award winning author of numerous books on photography and spiritual wisdom, (under various pen names), and has been an experienced speaker on this specialized subject for over 40 years. Photography has been a pleasurable passion for him for nearly as long. Combining both together is to him just short of what he feels as being an experience of pure joy.

Simhananda has published five books of transformative photography. His photography compels us to appreciate the divine touch implicit in every moment and to grasp the subtlety and beauty too often overlooked in life. 

Erudite, poet, music enthusiast, author, and art collector, this avid ‘terra’ traveler captures the essence of his many travels through his photography. B. Simhananda, literally means “lion’s roaring”. And so, do his pictures and writings ‘roar out’ their sensitivity, tenderness and spiritual statement to the world. He cherishes people, places and this blessed planet.

He published his second volume on Gampopa’s famous 12th century Buddhist classical works. This volume on traditional Buddhist teachings is oriented to the occidental mind, and his commentaries are refreshing, modern, and sometimes quite humorous. 

His first book for children entitled “Jyoti for Kids: A Meditative Technique of Purification by the Light” won two American literary awards: first prize at the 2011 COVR Visionary Awards, as well as the 2011 Silver Nautilus Book Award in the ‘Children’s Books with Audio’ category.