Our Ordinary Extraordinary Earth and Its Extraordinary Ordinary People
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Orange Palm Publications
​372 pages
410 colour photographs
28 x 33 x 2.5 cm
(11 x 13 x 1 in)
2.5 kg
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Our Ordinary Extraordinary Earth and Its Extraordinary Ordinary People

The photographs shown in this book are somewhat like little wake-up calls, soular beams rousing us  into a greater wakefulness and seeing the world in  a totally fresh perspective: the universe is in no  way ordinary nor ever boring. All photographs are original and come with a subjective sayings, often  humourous, witty comment peppered, of course,  with lots of poetic license. From subtle to not so  subtle to even humorous, each carefully chosen  photograph contains the potential to experience multiple levels of awareness. They elevate your spirit and bring you to some sort of subtle inner transformation. Relax and let your mind free, you'll see things in this book which will amaze you.

A monetary portion from the author's profit of each book sold will go to the universal cause of world peace and harmony, and inclusively, to the cause of all people who suffer from injustice and political or religious oppression anywhere upon this mother planet of ours.


Book reviews

Superb photos. The photographer has an excellent eye for capturing unusual and provocative imagery. It's an interesting collection of art … could be used as a meditative aid. …an elegance that leads from the cover into the main body - which is simply gorgeous.
Benjamin Franklin Awards Judge
Simhananda invites the reader to relax and let the photos speak for themselves. They have their own Truth to convey and communicate. The photographs in this volume of transformative photography are somewhat like little wake-up calls or soul-ar beams rousing us into a greater wakefulness.
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