The Group of 5


Through years of dedicated work and research, The Group of 5 have born witness to the transformational effects of the synergetic alliance between man and mineral. Therapists, authors and lecturers, they have been active through the Medicine Buddha Mandala Institute of Applied Alternative Therapies, since 2003.  This Institute distinguishes itself by a therapeutic approach that wishes itself a tribute to humanity with the help of the mineral kingdom.

They possess a solid training that renders them able to manipulate stones and crystals while always respecting the personality, as well as the physical, psychological and emotional health of each individual. The use of stones and crystals harmonizes with a modern therapeutic generation who are beginning to unveil the possibilities in this newly inaugurated age of Aquarius, which will be more complete and more respectful of Universal Laws.

The name, The Group of 5, evokes the five-branch star symbolizing the perfect man, drawn by Leonardo da Vinci, visionary of his time. It also refers to therapists affiliated with the Institute. We are united within this star and form a working unity in service to all.