Josée Senécal


Chief editor at Paume de Saint-Germain Publishing, Josée Senécal is also an author and speaker, and has worked in education. She met Simhananda, a naturopath at the time, in the 1980’s. He later became her spiritual Instructor. This was the beginning of an inner spiritual journey that she pursues to this day. In 1995, she changed careers and is now an editor of books that bring self (and Self) awareness, a domain that has always fascinated her.

For several years, Ms. Senécal has guided, along with her team, full moon meditations (open to all) at the Poorna Jnana Yoga Foundation in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Furthermore, while attending the Salon Zen in Paris, she realized that people have a real need for practical meditation techniques and has since compiled a handbook entitled 25 Meditation Techniques to Anchor Yourself in the Light