Martine G. Fortier


Martine G. Fortier has been studying spirituality since 1988. It is through conferences that she discovered the art and science of Essential Yoga, dynamic and contemporary meditative techniques that she has since integrated into her daily spiritual practice.

Ms. Fortier has also had the privilege of teaching these techniques to others, and has been awed by their transformational powers and the ease with which they can be integrated into our daily lives. With the goal of making them more accessible to the public, she has compiled these exercises into a collection titled The Spiritual Science of Essential Yoga.

Ms. Fortier is a nurse by profession, and presently teaches at the collegiate level in the healthcare field. Prior to her teaching career, Ms. Fortier had worked as a nurse for almost 27 years, serving a diverse clientele with physical and intellectual disabilities. She further worked in psychogeriatrics, and in mental health. Ms. Fortier has a bachelor degree in palliative care, and has worked in this field for the past five years.