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The Medicine of the Future

Quartztherapy presents a ground-breaking therapeutic approach for treating and ‘healing’ with quartz. This practical book focuses on the use of different types of quartz, the study of the etheric body (and how crystals affect it), the prana (life energy) circulation, the meridians, and how quartz can help them all. Most importantly, it explains various therapeutic methods used with quartz. For example, the author, an experienced lithotherapist, illustrates techniques such as how to cleanse, repair, recharge and balance the etheric body (the door to all other subtle bodies) with specific quartz.  
Fully illustrated and written in a simple and accessible tone, the book conveys to readers the transformative potential alive in quartz, invaluable companions in our journey on this planet. It presents more than 25 kinds of quartz and their benefits in therapy such as: elestial quartz, citrine quartz, Diamond Light Wand, record keeper, laser, self-healed, time link, cathedral, phantom, clear, etc.  
This unique approach provides guidance and inspiration to all readers, experienced therapist or quartz enthusiast, in order to integrate these treasures from Mother Earth in their therapy or personal life.



Book reviews

Quartztherapy by Klaire D. Roy makes an important contribution in the field of alternative medicinal protocols. Overall, this book is a very meaningful treatise on the mechanics of managing the etheric body. The presentation focuses on the etheric body and internalities with less emphasis on external factors which may prevent, influence or limit progress on an individual's quality of life spiritually, physically and in the psychic domain...
Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
...this isn't just another guide to understanding how crystals are therapeutic. It considers the science behind the therapies and treatments and tells how to get the most out of various therapeutic applications with quartz.
California Bookwatch
...written in a simple and accessible tone, this book conveys to readers the transformative potential alive in quartz...
The Edge Magazine
Profusely and beautifully illustrated throughout, "Quartztherapy: The Medicine of the Future" is thoroughly 'reader friendly' in tone, commentary, organization and presentation making it very highly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Alternative Medicine collections and supplemental studies reading lists.
Midwest Book Review