Dadi Darshan Dharma


Dadi Darshan Dharma is known to many as a living Wisdom Instructor and is said to be giving out the very ancient Truth in an East-meets-West modern tonality.

He is the author of a variety of books on spirituality. Dadi Darshan Dharma also writes under the pen names of Etbonan Karta (E.K.), B. Simhananda, Sri Adi Dadi and Ken N.O. Sho. He gives bimonthly talks on various themes and interests of human dynamics and spirituality.

This Divinely enigmatic man has taught occult spirituality for over thirty-five years. A long-time personal friend, and serious student of his, has offered the following reflection: “It is always a wonder to behold how the man (D.D.D.) seems to have a mysteriously magnetic pull and a spiritually sobering effect upon all who have been fortunate enough to cross his Path, or even more auspiciously, have had the grace to meet him.”