The Teachings of Simhananda

page: The Teachings of Simhananda

Words of Wisdom from an Occidental Master, Eternal Pilgrim of this remarkable planet Earth




Simhananda, occidental Master and eternal pilgrim of this remarkable planet Earth, offers us precious spiritual teachings that will touch the heart of those who seek contact with their true Self, or who simply wish to receive words of wisdom that will allow for a certain growth along ones chosen path of transformation. Though the themes elaborated on represent but a glimpse of what Simhananda has transmitted over the past forty years, this volume gives us a taste of the richness contained in his words. We can only admire the agility with which he synthesizes and harmonizes ancient Buddhist techniques with Christian, Sufi or Hindu teachings.

Simhananda has mastered the art of adapting his teachings to the call of modern times, able to respond to the needs of all, regardless of belief or allegiance, guiding us to new understandings of what we believed we understood. For him, everything is in constant movement, and mental crystallization arrests our evolution. 

This volume is divided into 21 chapters that require a careful perusal in order to grasp the depths of Simhananda’s words. Each contains a key which permits the opening of a door to a new understanding of the themes undertaken. Whether the subject is on freedom, the existential dilemma, the soul, disciples and discipleship, inner transformation, Hierarchy, the different yogas, or the Light ‘that we are’, all will find their inspiration. 

“It is comforting to know that men like Simhananda exist, who are able to see us and guide us in all honesty on our life journey.”
– Klaire D. Roy