The 7 rays of energy

Article: The 7 rays of energy

To understand the energy of the 7 rays and their influence on each human being, we must first be aware that we are spiritual beings incarnating on earth in order to evolve. Each of our lives compels us to experiment with various situations that will allow for a greater comprehension of our divine nature.

At the turn of the 20th century, Alice A. Bailey and H.P. Blavatsky were the first to speak of the 7 rays of energy and their impact. They are simply 7 distinct energies that qualify all life forms on earth, including the human race. Labeled by some as an esoteric psychology, the study of the 7 rays allows for a deeper understanding of our own strengths and weakness as well as that of those around us.

The human being is composed of six different bodies: the monad (entity higher in vibration to the soul), the soul, the personality (general mode of living), the mental body (way of thinking and solving problems), the astral body (emotional expression) and the physical body (physical appearance and vitality). Each of our 6 bodies is qualified by one of the 7 rays. 

The rays that qualify the soul and the monad do not change from one incarnation to the other. We will not elaborate on the monad here, as very few people are influenced by its energy. However, the soul has a definite impact on the lives of those who have made contact with it. For example, if a person is influenced by a ray 1 soul, which incarnates an energy of will and power, the incarnations of this soul may be spent in politics, as the head of a company or in any domain that requires leadership. If the soul is influenced by ray 4, which is colored by an energy of ‘harmony through conflict’, this individual may be attracted by the arts, culture and music.

Have you ever wondered why two people confronted by the same emotional or relational problem would react in completely different ways? If someone submits to another and seeks, by any means, to appease a situation or to please another, there is a strong possibility that this person has an astral body influenced by ray 2 (ray of love/wisdom). However, if someone has a tendency to hold strongly to an ideal and becomes rapidly jealous or combative, the astral body is most probably influenced by the energy of ray 6 (ray of idealism and devotion).

Studying the rays and their influence encourages us to understand what drives our behaviors and reactions. We cease to judge ourselves and those around us, as knowledge breeds understanding and therefore tolerance. This study further inspires insight into what our soul has chosen to experience and learn in this present incarnation.

Here are some key points that characterize each of the 7 rays:

Ray 1: Energy incarnating Will and Power

The soul that has chosen ray 1 in one (or several) of his bodies has a natural tendency to lead; if he is oriented to the positive, he may be an outstanding leader. However, if he is negatively polarized, this person will be dictatorial and tyrannical with the people he directs. Many politicians are influenced by this ray.

Ray 2: Energy incarnating Love and Wisdom

An energy very different than the previous ray, ray 2 is more sensitive and incarnates love and wisdom. The soul that selects this type of ray in one or several of his bodies wishes to experience service to humanity, and is often attentive to the needs of others. Ray 2 feels inspired to search for truth and attempts to connect with the essence of things. Individuals touched by the ray 2 energy are sometimes too gentle and too agreeable, which can cause problems.  Teachers, nurses, and physicians often have a ray 2 in their configuration.

Ray 3: Energy incarnating Activity, Adaptability and Active Intelligence

The key word representing the ray 3 influence is undoubtedly “action”. This ray loves to move and enjoys diverse experiences and adventures.  A person under the influence of ray 3 adapts with ease to life’s challenges and has a keen mind. However, a ray 3 type who leans towards the negative expression of this ray can become too critical, and can start too many projects at once which can dissipate his energy and create confusion. Entrepreneurs who take on several projects at once are susceptible to the impact of ray 3.

Ray 4: Energy incarnating Harmony, Beauty and Art

The key phrase expressing the ray 4 influence is “harmony through conflict”.  An individual who is impacted by this ray experiments with life through opposites, seeking balance in everything. The arts, music, and culture will often dominate this person’s life, since art in all its forms allows him to explore this existential dilemma. Ray 4 energy is often uncomfortable and difficult to master, as a joyful moment can quickly turn into a moment of inexplicable despondency. If he cannot find a certain balance he will feel plagued by an ever-present angst. All individuals working in the artistic field will be influenced by this ray.

Ray 5: Energy incarnating Concrete Knowledge and Science

The individual under the influence of ray 5 is, above all, interested in understanding with precision. This individual can relentlessly seek answers to a question for years. For a ray 5 type, only truth counts. The negative aspect of this ray makes one cold, rigid, and full of prejudices. The majority of scientists and researchers are influenced by this ray.

Ray 6: Energy incarnating abstract Idealism and Devotion

If the soul wishes to explore “devotion” and “idealism”, ray 6 will serve it well. People under this ray’s influence possess an unshakeable faith towards a cause and will work relentlessly for this cause. This could be positive if the cause is noble and altruistic, but harmful if the ideal is egotistical and destructive. This person can become sectarian, resisting the least amount of change, and will continue relentlessly in the pursuit of a cause. Ray 6 types often inspire others to rally to their cause. They are loyal and are ready to defend the people close to them.

Ray 7: Energy incarnating Ceremonial Order and Magic

What ray 7 likes above all is perfection in everything. The person under this influence can be demanding, and likes the established order, social conventions, and rules to be respected. Organized, down to earth and practical, the ray 7 type is concerned with details and adores working with matter that gives shape. A born planner, he excels in group work. However, when unbalanced this ray causes one to become narrow minded, rigid and too proud. Architects, carpenters, and magicians often have one or more ray 7’s in their configuration.

The study of the 7 rays is fascinating. As human beings are composed of several bodies and each is influenced by a ray and a sub-ray, the possible variations explain our differences and our similarities. A person with a ray 3 personality is energetic and explores all incessantly, while a ray 2 personality surrounds himself with calm in order to serve others. This captivating study opens a door to understanding what composes the human being.


For more information on the 7 rays of energy, consult the following books by:
Alice A. Bailey: Treatise on the Seven Rays published by Lucis Trust
Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D.: Tapestry of the Gods published by the University of the Seven Rays Publishing House