Seascapes and Scriptings

page:Seascapes and Scriptings: Photographic Contemplations from the Seashore

Photographic Contemplations from the Seashore




The simple photographic pulchritude of the Pacific shoreline, along with the (partial) manuscript of the “Scriptings of the Soul”, depicted within this radiant book on ‘Transformative Photography’ seeks to pierce the reader’s true heart in search of the land of true art. The book may just make the soul soar, as well as sigh, with unqualified aesthetic satisfaction.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “all beautiful things are forever writing nature’s history”. In paraphrasing him, may it be said that ‘the beautiful Pacific Ocean and its beautiful multi-variegated shoreline is forever writing nature’s, (as well as western humanity’s), poignant history’.