Jacqueline D. Sylvain


Author – Speaker – Teacher – Lithotherapist

From a young age, Ms Sylvain showed an interest in the healthcare field, especially in holistic health and alternative medicine. These therapeutic disciplines included naturopathy, reflexology, kinesiology, and massotherapy. For several years now, she has shown interest in crystals and stones. Fascinated by the mineral kingdom, she trained as a lithotherapist at the Medicine Buddha Mandala Institute of Montreal, now relocated in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. She also specializes in the preparation of crystal and stone elixirs.

Ms Sylvain is often amazed by the benefits these elixirs have on her clientele. These results have encouraged her to pursue her studies in the hope of discovering new elixirs that have the potential to facilitate balance and well being on multiple levels.

Ms Sylvain, a member of The Group of 5, is co-author of Crystals & Stones – A Complete Guide to Their Healing Properties; The Eight Crystal Alliances – The Influence of Stones on the Personality; and A Parent’s Guide to Crystals – Gemstones to Support Your Child’s Health & Happiness, published by Paume de Saint-Germain Publishing and North Atlantic Books; she also writes articles for the magazine La pierre chantante.